– Are your sessions in English?
The sessions can either take place in English or in French… Or both… It is up to you!

– What shall we wear?
Casual wear is the best. Make sure to feel comfortable for the day. I will provide the aprons for your clothes safety!

– What if we don’t know a thing about cooking or wine?
Well it is the ideal day to get started! The atmosphere is very relaxed during the day. No competition or snobbish attitude.

– Does the price includes everything?
Yes it does: Aix en Provence visit to the market, the drive back and forth to my home house, the cooking session and the four course menu & wine … plus a friendly atmosphere and a bunch of experiences to share!

– What if we just want to attend your home activities avoiding walking in town?
No problem, I will then pick you up right after the groceries are done.

– Is the day cancelled if it is raining?
No. Just take your umbrella and we will directly attend the market to be in my home a bit quicker.

– My husband and I are here on holidays with our two kids. Can we all attend?
Sure your kids are very welcome. They will have plenty of space to run outside. As accompanying persons, they will get a special rate.

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