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Your Provence Gourmet Day

Experience the Provence way of life through its Cuisine and People. Food and cooking are at the core of our culture and that brings people together to share great moments in life.

Through selecting the appropriate recipes and ingredients, to preparing and tasting its typical dishes, share a unique day with me as a guide and a host, from the food markets to my nearby countryside home.

First we will visit the local food market, meeting my favorite farmers and producers while tasting some of their best seasonal produce grown under our generous provencal sun. Then taking care of wine we will visit the local winery or the town cellarman. There, we will discuss about the reasons Provence wine is now demanded so much. Once in my home, inside by the stove or outside on our open deck shaded by threes, we will start a hands on cooking class during which I’ll pass along to you my passion and knowledge of provencal cooking just the way my mother and grand mother taught me.

This cooking class in Provence, will not be scholastic or academical, but more of a genuine experience about cooking, meeting people and sharing our love for cooking, food & wine. The fruits of our labor will be served during a typical provencal lunch sharing our work of art, in the most homely set up. Join this Provence Gourmet day and you will definitely be immersed in an authentic provencal atmosphere.

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Postscript : For foodie people only…
Thats for sure one of the things to do in Provence !

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