Ingredients for 6 pers.

– 1Kg of fresh mussels (the bigger ones)

– Parsley, garlic, pepper & salt

– Dried white bread crumbs

– 75gr of butter

Preparation : Clean up the mussels, scratch the extra bumps and then rinse. Put them in a stewpot at high heat. Stir the mussels and stop heating as soon as they opened up. Mix the butter, a bunch of parsley, one clove of garlic and add pepper. When the mussels have cooled down, get rid of the empty side of the shell. Fill the mussel with the butter mix. On an oven dish, spread the cooking salt and arrange the mussels. The cooking salt will enable you to lay them flat. Grill the mussels just in order for the mix to melt. Take the oven dish out, and spread generously the bread crumbs on each mussel. Back under the grill a few minutes, watch carefully the crumbs reaching a brown color and take out of the oven. Serve and don’t forget to soak up the remaining sauce with bread after eating your mussel !


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