With Nicole & Yvonne from the US, we prepared Chocolate Macarons … Give it a try with this family recipe we cook in provence

Chocolate Macarons

Ingredients for about 70 Macarons 1 inch diameter

Macarons - Provence Gourmet

For the Ganache (chocolate filling)

-5.3 Oz of soft butter

– 5 Oz of black chocolate (70%cacao) or 6 Oz of milk chocolate

– 0.37Fl. Oz of whole milk

For the cookies

– 17 Oz. of icing sugar

– 9.38 Oz. of almond powder

– 1.4 Oz of chocolate powder

– 7 egg whites

Ganache preparation : With the back of a fork work on the butter to obtain a smooth and soft consistency. Mince finely the chocolate and pour a little at a time in warm milk while you keep stirring. When chocolate and milk are one, set this mix temperature below 160F° and start adding the butter. Shortly stir & mix smoothly to obtain a soft consistency.

Paste preparation : In a fine drainer, drain the sugar, the almond powder and chocolate. Beat the egg whites until stiff and quickly powder the previous mix on those and start softly mixing with a soft spatula. Minimal mixing but we need a homogeneous paste. Mix must look a bit like a melting cake doe. Fill a pastry pocket and form 1 inch size coins on a parchment paper laying on a flat full oven tray. Leave 1 inch distance between each Macaron coin. Wait 15 minutes before putting the tray in a pre-heated oven at 280F°. Cook during 10-12 minutes leaving your oven door with a little opening (use a wooden kitchen spatula or spoon). As soon as your tray is out, lift the parchment paper in one corner and pour ½ a glass of water on the hot tray. That will help the macarons to detach better above the paper. They should be soft inside. Leave those to cool down and gather the cookies with chocolate ganache in between. On a plate powder them with a little chocolate powder for decoration. Last note of this family recipe : once prepared, wrap your Macarons with a film and leave them in a fridge for 48H ! I was never able to wait that long … Thanks to FLEUR my dear cousin for this recipe. Let’s cook in provence !


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