Provençal stuffed vegetables

With Ricardo &  Alexis From San Francisco, we prepared a traditional recipe : Stuffed vegetables. As an ancient specialty for the north bound of the mediterranean shores, in Provence the stuffed vegetables are famous in the Nice area. In Aix en Provence we prepared those and we loved it. Now my guests are going to try those at home and will send pictures I hope of the Californian version …

Stuffed Vegetable “Petits farcis”

Ingredients for 6 pers.

– 3 round zucchinis, 3 firm tomatoes, 3 red peppers and 3 eggplants

– 300gr of minced white ham

– 400gr of meat stuffing (Beef & veal usually)

– 6 cloves of garlic

– Bread crumbs

– 1 egg

– Basil & parseley

– Olive oil, salt and pepper

Preparation: Rinse and slice all the vegetables in two in their length. With a knife and a spoon, dig out most of the flesh. Reserve it all except the seeds and white parts of the red peppers and tomatoes. Mince all that flesh and mix it with the meat, minced basil, parseley and garlic, the egg, salt, pepper and 4 tsp worth of olive oil. Make a homogeneous mix. Stuff the vegetables with it and drizzle on top your bread crumbs and a few drops of olive oil. These go in your pre-heated oven 180c° (350F°) for 1H30. Check the top cooking status mid way. You just need a little browning. If necessary lower the oven. Serve warm with a fresh lettuce or some rice.


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