Provence Gourmet is happy to share with you this Vegetable Tian recipe, one of the dish you can cook during a Provence Gourmet cooking day and at home !!!

Vegetable Tian

Ingredients for 6 pers.

– 4 large season white onions, 4 large Tomatoes and 4 eggplants

– Provencal dried herbs thymes, rosemary and savory

– 12 cloves of garlic

– Olive oil

Preparation: Rinse and slice all the vegetables in a regular and similar size. Set the slices up in rows in an oven dish, alternating each vegetable. The dish has to be filled with these rows. Unpeel your garlic, cut those in 4 and stick them between the rows. Add olive oil and salt, pepper and herbs. Put in a pre-heated oven for 90minutes at 175c° (340F°). The vegetables have to soften; we say you have to “Candy” (Confire) them. Let it sit 10 minutes out of the oven before serving along your meat or fish.

Enjoy !!!



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